Xeros Tanning Technologies aims to enable a more sustainable tanning industry without compromising on quality or value. Tanning has traditionally been a water-intensive and highly polluting industry. Although increased operational efficiency has significantly reduced both water usage and the resulting effluent, the perception of tanning being a dirty industry persists.

The environmental challenges for the industry stem fundamentally from its use of water. First, fresh water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, and an industry that utilises water in large quantities will continue to face increasing scrutiny. Second, water is not a highly effective medium for delivering chemicals, resulting in a high level of chemicals being wasted.


Xeros offers a completely new method of making leather that replaces a substantial amount of the water with Xeros’ polymer spheres. As these spheres are more effective than water at delivering chemicals into the hide, not only does Xeros’ process require less water, but it also uses less chemicals, and lowers the levels of effluent. Most importantly, as the tanners’ chemical recipes do not change, but the Xeros process only delivers the chemicals more effectively, the resulting leather is equivalent to that produced with the traditional process, and in many cases better.



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