Xeros’ technology enables tanneries to take a revolutionary step forward in managing sustainability with their existing infrastructure


Works with All Drum Types

Our technology can be used with wooden, stainless steel and polypropylene drums. Although most drums were not originally designed to handle polymer spheres, only minor modifications to existing drums are required to enable them to work with our polymer spheres. So there is no need to purchase new drums. As Xeros works with the leading drum manufacturers to make the necessary modifications, tanneries can rest assured that any changes will not reduce either the lifetime of the drum or the quality of the leather produced.

Maintain Chemical Recipe, Just Reduce the Quantity

Maintain Chemical Recipe, Just Reduce the QuantityAs in the conventional process, drums are loaded with hides, chemicals and water, except the Xeros process replaces a large percentage of the water with its reusable polymer spheres. The chemicals used by a tannery do not need to change, but as Xeros’ spheres deliver chemicals more effectively, the quantity of chemicals required is significantly reduced. And as the chemical recipe is the same as with the conventional process, tanneries can be confident that they can produce the same quality of leather as with their standard processes.

Maintain Existing Productivity

As polymer spheres are applied inside the drum, the process steps before and after the drum cycle do not need to fundamentally change. The remaining workflow of the tannery can be almost identical to the tannery’s standard process as required for its specific leather application, enabling the tannery to maintain its current levels of productivity while capturing significant sustainability benefits.