Xeros makes it easy for tanneries to test and adopt its technology.


Free Trials to Test our Technology

We understand that making leather with polymer spheres is a radical new concept that will seem strange to most tanneries. So, we do not ask tanneries to just take our word that we can make great leather with less water and chemicals. With each tannery, Xeros first proves that its technology can produce leather to the quality it expects, starting with small R&D size drums and gradually progressing to the tannery’s production drums. These trials are planned and executed in a way to not disrupt the production operations of the tannery and there is no charge to the tannery to conduct them.

Customised Solution for Each Tannery

getting-started-xeros-tanning-3.jpgSubsequent to the trials stage, if the tannery decides to adopt Xeros’ technology, the systems for storing, transporting and cleaning the polymer spheres is built and deployed in collaboration with its preferred equipment suppliers. Xeros has established relationships with leading equipment suppliers for each component of the system to ensure that tanneries receive the best solution for their specific operational requirements

As there is no need to replace existing drums or make major modifications to the infrastructure, it typically takes about 6 months for a tannery to progress from initial trials to full production with Xeros polymer spheres.


Quick Payback with Increased Growth Potential

Unlike many other technologies that promise sustainability benefits, Xeros’ solution results in ongoing annual cost savings. The initial capital investment for the system required to manage polymer spheres is typically recovered from the cost savings within 18 to 24 months.

For tanneries constrained in their production by access to water, or limits on effluent discharge, Xeros’ technology not only results in direct cost savings, but enables them to increase their production levels with their existing infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions