In what stages of leather production does Xeros’ technology work?
Xeros technology works in tanning, retanning, and dyeing stages of leather production. Currently retanning and dyeing with Xeros technology is commercially available for tanneries and we are at the final stages of optimising our technology for mineral, vegetable and synthetic tanning processes.
Does Xeros require the use of specific chemicals?
No. Xeros technology works with tanneries' existing recipes, without the need to fundamentally change processes or use specific chemicals.
Does Xeros work for all leather types?
Xeros technology has been successfully tested on various garment, footwear, furniture and automotive leather processing recipes, offering significantly less water consumption and resulting effluents compared to conventional methods. If you produce a type of leather with specific properties, please Contact Us and our technical team will assess your requirements.
Do the polymer spheres scratch the hides?
No. Xeros polymer spheres have been developed using specific grades of polymer which enhance mechanical action during the process and improve the distribution of chemicals into the hides without scratching or damaging the grain layer.
Can the polymer spheres be reused?
Yes. Xeros polymer spheres have been designed to be reusable for hundreds of cycles. At the end of each cycle, the polymer spheres are simply cleaned (using Xeros’ bespoke Polymer Sphere Management System) and ready for reuse.
Do tanneries need to replace their existing drums to work with Xeros’ technology?

No. Xeros technology works with existing wooden, stainless steel and polypropylene drums. When a tannery is ready to adopt the technology, Xeros works with the tannery's preferred equipment or engineering partner to make the required minor modifications to the drums.

Do polymer spheres reduce the loading capacity of the drum?
No. Same number of hides that are processed conventionally can be processed when water is replaced with polymer spheres.
Has Xeros technology been tested by any tanneries?
Yes. Xeros’ technology has been successfully applied at full scale in the production environment of Wollsdorf Leder Schmidt & Co. Ges.m.b.h., a world’s leading automotive leather producer based in Austria, who were awarded “Tannery of the Year” in 2014 by World Leather Magazine. As judged by Wollsdorf, leather produced by Xeros’ technology was equivalent to that produced by its conventional process while reducing water consumption by approximately 60% and effluent mass by around 50%. Chemical consumption was also reduced by a material amount.
Is it possible for tanneries to trial the Xeros technology to see if it works with their specific recipes?
Yes. Xeros technology can be tested in your tannery, with your existing drums, specific recipes and chemicals at R&D, pilot and production scales to prove that our technology can produce the quality of leather you expect.
Do the polymer spheres attach to the hides?
No. Xeros polymer spheres are specially designed to easily separate from the hides at the end of the drum cycle.
Does the processing time increase when Xeros polymer technology is employed?
No. Processing times with Xeros’ technology are typically similar to conventional cycles and depending on the type of substrate and the recipe, the cycle time may even be shorter due to the enhanced mechanical action generated by the polymer spheres.