The environmental, operational, and financial benefits from Xeros’ technology helps tanneries to rapidly build an advantage over competitors using traditional processes.


Increase Capacity with Existing Infrastructure

increase-cpacity-with-existing-infrastructure.jpgTanneries, particularly those in Europe and the Americas, have limited water access and effluent discharge rights. Even if they could invest in more drums and other production equipment, the water related constraints would prevent them from increasing their capacity. As Xeros’ technology significantly reduces the water usage in tanning and retanning, and also the resulting effluent, tanneries can produce more leather within their existing constraints.

Differentiate Products

Using their existing chemical formulations, tanneries can use Xeros’ technology to produce leather that has more uniform colour and better mechanical properties than their existing process.

Polymer beads are better at delivering chemicals into the hide than water. Certain chemicals, in particular, cannot be used with the conventional leather production process (without Xeros’ bead technology). By reducing the amount of water, Xeros’ enables new types of dyes to be used in leather production, opening up possibilities for tanneries to offer new products that cannot be provided by their competitors.


Strengthen Sustainability Credentials

strengthen-sustainability-credentials.jpgXeros enables tanneries to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of environmental standards. Even tanneries at the head of the industry with traditional production methods can further improve their environmental record with Xeros’ technology. Our production scale trials at Wollsdorf Leder, a tannery known for the efficiency of its processes and the strict requirements for the quality of its leather, have demonstrated that our technology can provide benefits even to those already leading the industry in terms of sustainability.


Increase Value Capture

increased-value-capture.jpgTanneries have often found it challenging to improve their sustainability record without impacting either the quality of their leather or their margin. Xeros is revolutionary because it improves sustainability, quality and value capture all at the same time. Xeros lowers the cost of water, chemicals and effluent treatment.