Xeros Tanning Technologies specialises in the innovative application of polymers. Xeros provides the polymers and works with leading equipment suppliers that provide equipment for storing, transporting, and cleaning polymers as part of a tannery’s daily production activity.


benefits-equipment-suppliers-1.jpgXeros’ technology holds the potential to fundamentally transform the leather industry, not only on a technical level, but also on a market level. As has happened in industry after industry, when a new disruptive technology emerges, only companies that respond to the change quickly survive, and the others are left behind.


Such a change in the industry holds tremendous opportunity for equipment suppliers that are well positioned to help tanneries transition to the new technology. In the short-term, they can position themselves as being able to help tanneries modify their existing infrastructure to work with polymer spheres. As they become familiar with working with polymer spheres, these suppliers can offer tanneries unique products that are specially designed to work with the new technology.

Xeros helps its Authorised Equipment Suppliers to prepare for the technological shift by helping them understand the new challenges their equipment must address and introducing them to tanneries ready to adopt the new technology.

If your company would be interested in joining our Authorised Equipment Suppliers programme, contact us here.